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BigAnubisT's gameplay for Stoked (X360)

BigAnubisT earned achievements in Stoked

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BigAnubisT said...
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Stoked (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Snowboarding
Release Date: 24/FEB/09
+250 points
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Oooh ooh. Beng a fan of Amped, I saw this, and was curious. Fn that someone on my friends list tried it, what do you think?
Well for me i really dislike the game mainly since the game is just a bunch of challenges that require you to do certian tricks in a small time frame like do a 50/50 then a FS backside not that hard then it like do a double backfilp yet there is no jump. The controls are a bit off to me jumping and tricking with the LS is a little annoying you don't even use the abyx buttons you can use y the bring up your camera when you stop thats all. Graphics aren't as good as the trailer thats why i thought the game looked nice also when you start out you can choose from like 3 items of for each body part, in the cut scences they show ads for vans and billabong yet i haven't seen their clothes yet. You would be better off to get SW snowboarding i thought that game was bad but it is better than this it just has a little learning curve also the online is very fun with some friends or randoms also it's more about getting pts not doing certain tricks that they don't tell you how to do. @fattychubs
Interesting sounds like thiere is a lack of freedom and variety in the the objectives I hate that, I more like finding big jumps and not having to be forced to combine certain tricks. I like how amped had style bonuses for doing smooth slower tricks.

I still check them both out, but yeah was curious what this little known game had to offer, thanks for the details.
Ooh looks like you did get some nice gamerscore though =)
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